The Life and Legacy of Andrew Jackson

Title: The Life and Legacy of Andrew Jackson

Grade Level: Secondary.  7th and 8th grade.
Topic: Taking different viewpoints of the events of Andrew Jackson's life, students will be able to enhance critical thinking skills, increase cultural sensitivity, and find out how the events of the past are not so different than those today.


Welcome to a journey back to a critical period of American History.  Recent thought about Andrew Jackson may suggest that his life challenged the ideas of the humanity that modern American presidents are supposed to possess.  It is a classic hero/anti-hero story, where those whom we have put up on a historical pedestal may not be as "good" as they seem.  There is no doubt however that the life and legacy of Andrew Jackson makes for a compelling study and requires objectivity.  I hope that this module, "The Life and Legacy of Andrew Jackson" will invite further inquiry and understanding of Jackson as a common man, hero, legend, and villain.

Hartley Haft